How Long Was I Sleeping?

Felix woke up in his tent and everything seemed absolutely quiet. Yesterday he and his friend, Hannah, had been woken up by the late-summer sound of birds chirping. Something felt today, though. Felix got out of his sleeping bag and peeked outside to see if Hannah was up yet. He was about to call out to her when an icy wind hit his face spraying snow into his tent.

Felix was very confused. “Hannah!” he called out. She ran out of her tent not knowing it had snowed over night and got snow all over her legs. “What happened?” she screamed. Just as he was about to answer, a text message came in through his phone. It was his mom. It read, “Hi honey, you have been camping for three months and I’m beginning to think you don’t want to come home.” His first thought was that he started camping at the end of summer and he couldn’t remember having camped for three months. Felix talked this over with Hannah and they started to panic. If they had been camping for three months, Then that meant it was winter had they could not remember camping all they way through fall. They worried that they would freeze to death since they didn’t have the right clothes and gear.

After what seemed like forever, they decided to calm down and think. They started looking for clues to help them figure out what happened to them. Hannah and Felix used their sleeping bags for winter coats. “Lets look in the woods, maybe something will jog our memory”, Felix told Hannah. They wondered in sneakers in the snow-covered woods. Even though things were confusing, the two friends couldn’t help but notice that things did look beautiful.

They walked for a little while longer and all of a sudden they heard a crack. Hannah   realized too late that they had stepped on a frozen creek and they both fell into the water. The water was only waist-deep, but even so, Felix and Hannah were soaked with icy cold water. It felt as though cold crawled all the way up their spines, and they could hardly move.

Hannah and Felix crawled out of the water half limped back to their campsite and their legs had a stinging pain in them. They made a fire and exchanged a look that meant something changed since they fell in the creek. ”O my gosh!” Hannah exclaimed. “I have my memories back.” ”Me too!” said Felix. “But I don’t understand why it just suddenly came to us.” “Do you think it had something to do with the creek?” ”Maybe” he responded. “What I also find weird is that I only remember sleeping through all of fall” Hannah said. The two friends decided that their camping adventure was over and it was time to pack up. They finished putting away their tents after warming up and discussing plans to return home, as a snow mobile made its way toward them.

A tall man stepped off the vehicle and asked them “What are you two doing here in the middle of December?” Felix tried to explain their predicament, but it sounded so unreal. When Felix was done explaining, the man asked ”Did you go swimming at the creek when you first arrived?” ”Yes” they both answered. He asked, “Did you go swimming today?” “Umm… we fell in” Hannah replied. “Well it seems as though you’re talking about the ‘Sleeping creek,’” the tall man said. “Haven’t you ever heard of it?” “No we haven’t,” they said.

“Well, a long time ago when the creek was just an ordinary creek, a man named Peter Smith decided to go swimming in it. According to legend, a fairy appeared to him and told him not to swim in it, for that was her home. The man would not listen, so the fairy cursed the creek.” He continued, “If your body comes in contact with the water of Sleeping Creek, you will sleep for three months and you forget why you fell asleep. You might also forget things that happened before touching the water, like you guys don’t’ remember taking a walk in the woods, do you?”

“Oh, that makes sense!” said they both replied. “Can you explain what happens the second time someone comes in contact with the water?” Hannah asked.

“You see,” the man explained, “once you touch it again your memories are restored.”

“Thank you so much! Everything seemed so confusing, but thanks to you, it’s clear now,” they said together.

As Felix reached out to shake the man’s hand, the wet part of his sleeve brushed against the man’s skin. The man stared back blankly at Felix and said, “I’m sorry. I have to go now. Suddenly, I’m feeling very sleepy.”


Crazy First Day of Fall

How Humans Became Extinct

Long, long ago humans and dinosaurs lived among each other. They lived sharing the Earth. This means that dinosaurs didn’t eat humans and humans didn’t hunt dinosaurs. Every one was happy. Every year at the first sign of fall, the humans and dinosaurs migrated south to avoid a cold winter. This journey kept them warm and well fed. When the humans got tired they rode on the dinosaurs’ backs, but that soon changed.

One year something told Pa-Rex to lead the heard of all the dinosaurs off to migration early. He explained this to the humans, but they only laughed at him and told him that fall was still two weeks away and that they would leave on the first day of fall, just like every year. So Pa waited one more week until he could take it no longer. He led his heard away to the south wile the humans slept peacefully under and on the trees. The leaves, still green from the summer sun, were their blankets.

All the dinosaurs traveled up hill and through powerful storms, but they were tough and they all made it to the next day without anyone getting hurt. The little ones were not yet strong enough, so they rode on their parents’ backs as the humans would have done if they where there. By the next morning, they were four days away from their destination. Pa knew he had made a good choice about leaving their home early because the slower they went the colder it got so pa urged them to go on faster. Little did they know that, back home, it was freezing cold—winter had arrived instead of fall.

As they got closer to their destination, it amazingly got warmer and warmer until the dinosaurs felt as if there was a bubble of warmth around them. Pa told them that they had finally arrived and they should rest and have a feast of nuts, berries and pine green grass. When the healthy feast was over, they all enjoyed a good night’s sleep under the trees. But pa slept under the starry sky wondering and waiting for an answer of when it was safe to bring the herd back to their home. Eventually, he fell asleep, with worry in his head. The next months went by fast and Pa-Rex decided that it was time to return to their home.

On the sixth day of the journey they returned safely home. (Except grandpa-Rex died.) When the dinosaurs stepped on their territory something seemed strange. Where was the cheerful ring of human laughter in the air? Where were the babies that loved hanging out in the mothers’ nests? And where were the children that always ran in-between Pa’s legs. The entire world seemed to be deadly silent as the dinos stepped on to their territory. They stared in terror. All of the humans seemed to be frozen in place. Their statues seemed to be bent over and lifeless. Some of the ice was dripping from their noses, hair and fingers. But there was absolutely no sign of life in them.

The dinosaurs started to stir. Some were shouting, and some were even digging their teeth into each other’s neck, arguing that they should have brought the humans with them. Things started to get pretty ugly until pa-Rex roared, with a deep gash on his left eye, “How could we have brought them when they refused and laughed at us?” This really got the dinosaurs thinking and quiet. One asked, “How will we survive without any humans to tend and water the berries, trees and grass?”


Pa thought for a couple minutes, “Well the only way we will survive is by eating each other’s meat and flesh.” He paused and looked each dinosaur in the eye. “We will fight for our own life and for the life of our families.” Not even a second went by before the dinosaurs’ fled and dodged each other’s jaws. But there where, in fact, some dinosaurs that did not like the idea of eating each other, so they decided to eat the few leaves peeking out of the trees. These dinosaurs are called herbivores. The dinosaurs that did eat each other are called carnivores. That’s the story of how humanity ended and how dinosaurs came to rule the Earth.”


An Ancient Egyptian Invention

This week I’m going to talk about hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphs are an ancient type of writing from Egypt.  How do you understand hieroglyphs?  they are pictures that describe something, but the pictures don’t always stand for the thing they show. For example, the hieroglyph that stands for “owl” looks like an owl, but the one that means “pool” it doesn’t really look like a pool.

Hieroglyphs were written on stone and walls until Egyptians found out they can make paper out of papyrus reeds.  Paper was a better way to write hieroglyphs because it was lighter and easier to write on.  Ancient Egyptians made black ink by burning wood or oil and and mixing the soot with water.

I did a project.  I made papyrus paper by weaving long strips of paper and soaking them in water and glue.  When it was dry, it stuck together almost like ancient papyrus paper.  In ancient Egypt, they made papyrus paper by splitting papyrus reeds and rolling them flat.  Then, they wove the strips into sheets of paper and let them dry.

Papyrus plant
Making papyrus paper
Making papyrus paper
I wrote "Ancient Egypt is Awesome" on my papyrus paper.
I wrote “Ancient Egypt is Awesome” on my papyrus paper.

In conclusion, papyrus paper was a good invention, but it’s not better than the paper we have now because now we have ways to make paper faster, better and in more different types.  We have ancient Egyptians to thank for the idea of paper.

Amazing Caves, Amazing People

This week I have been learning about cave art and the history of cave painting. Let me tell you a little about it.

Have you ever wondered how people from 40,000 years ago managed to draw without paper or paint made with all those bad chemicals? Well, first I will tell you how they made paint. They made paint with dirt, charcoal mixed with spit or animal fat. If you ever decide to visit these caves I suggest not touching the cave art! The people that drew the art where usually drawing the animals they ate or it was a sign of good luck for the next time they where hunting. Did you know that the first people to draw cave art where women? Women basically invented cave art!

I also made a project that was made with brown crumpled up paper the paper needed to be crumpled so that it would look more like a cave wall. I made my own homemade ink using flower pedals I made this by smashing the pedals in hot boiling water and then I let it sit over night. The other type of ink that I made was used with burnt pieces of a log mixed with oil. I found out that water works much better. Then I painted with a paintbrush.

I picked flowers that represented the colors that the cave people used.
I picked flowers that represented the colors that the cave people used.
Me making ink out of flower petals
Me making ink out of flower petals
My ancient 4-fingered hand
Warriors fighting three ancient beasts (using my homemade ink)

I made a map showing where some of the oldest cave paintings are. When you click 0n the colored dots it will show you a picture of the cave art and some information about it.

Cave paintings are amazing to look at, but they are also amazing because through them we can look at the way they thought and lived. Isn’t it great that the ancient people thought to make art that would teach us things tens of thousands of years later.

My Cuneiform Project


During school, I have been working on a project about cuneiform writing.  Cuneiform is one of the earliest types of writing.  Hopefully you learn some cool things about cuneiform and what I made for my project. My siblings also made some interesting projects, so make sure you check out their blog posts.

Cuneiform is a system of writing that was first used in Sumer in the area of Mesopotamia around the year 8000 BC.  At first, cuneiform signs stood for pictures of things and then later on they stood for sounds that could be pronounced.  Before the development of cuneiform, people used clay tokens.  These tokens were used to keep track of goods coming into a developing city.  Cuneiform was a good way to communicate, but after 100 BC, it was replaced by alphabetic scripts, which were better for communicating.

Cuneiform was written on soft clay tablets.  The sumerians used a stylus to press wedge-shaped pictures into hte tablets.  Talking about wedge-shaped, the word cuneiform comes from the Latin word “Cuneus” which means wedge-shaped.  Sumerians found out that it was easier to write on wet clay, rather than carving on stones like the Egyptians did.  Papyrus paper was discovered alter on, and was even easier to write on.

For my project, I made some play dough, as the wet clay, and I used a flat head screw driver to give the symbols their wedge-shaped appearance.  I used this cuneiform chart to write “Be Thou My Vision” which is important to me because it reminds me to let God lead the way and even when I don’t know what’s ahead, God knows what’s coming and I can trust Him.

Me, trying out cuneiform for the first time.
Me, trying out cuneiform for the first time.
From: The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer (Vol. 1)
From: The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer (Vol. 1)

Overall, I think cuneiform was interesting and was a creative way to communicate.  The Sumerians must have found some flaws in this system (like heavy clay tablets and the inability to communicate fully).  I hope you have learned something interesting and now have  to tell other people about cuneiform.

My final product
My final product

Introducing Me… Brayan

Me upside down with my uncle on his wedding day.
Me upside down with my uncle on his wedding day.

Hello.  Today I am going to introduce you to me. I’m learning about the human brain and how my mind makes me unique.  I’m going to tell you about my personality type, my kind intelligence, and my learning style.

I found out this week that there are different kinds of intelligence like bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, musical and visual.  I have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.  That means I’m good at things like dancing, physical education, creative movement and hands-on experiments.  Sports are also fun for me.

I learn by doing, so I am also a kinesthetic learner.  For people who are kinesthetic learners like me, here are some ideas for when you are trying to learn something new.  You can use a highlighter for main ideas.  You can also try studying in different positions.  These two tips are the most helpful for me.

Sometimes if I’m having a bad day, I might seem rude or defiant, and if I am doing work, I might get bored or restless.  Well, those things mean my personality type is orange.  Orange personalities like mine are devilishly charming, bold, competitive and have a need for variety and excitement.

Well, that’s me. I hope you learned something about me and the way I do things. Knowing these things about myself helps me understand my limitations and strengths to help me to be a better learner.  And if I see who reads this again, our conversation will probably go well, because now you understand a lot about me.

Introducing… Me!! (Luana)

Kyrie and I on a slide at the park
Kyrie and I on a slide at the park

My name is Luana, my favorite color is light pink and I like pigs and babies. Those are my outside things. But did you know that I also have inside things (besides guts, organs and intestines)?  I would like to tell you about my personality, my learning styles and my intelligences.

My learning styles are visual and kinesthetic. Being a visual learner means that I like to see things written out or that I like to look at the person who is talking to me. A kinesthetic learner is someone who learns best by doing. I understand things best if I work them out by myself.

I have two intelligences. The first one is musical. This means that I like to sing, rap and tap and snap my fingers. I like things that have to do with music. The other intelligence that I have is verbal-linguistic, which means that I like to talk and that I like to write. Verbal-liguistic also means that I can remember words and the meaning of them for a long time. I like to write and I especially enjoy writing poems.

My personality color is blue, which means that I am sincere and I am nice to other people when they get bullied or picked on. I am compassionate towards my peers. It didn’t surprise me that I, like others with a my personality type, am looking for meaning in life. For example, sometimes I might like to ponder that question and I like to think about what God planned for my life  and how I could understand it better. It was surprising to find out that my mom has the same type of personality as me.  Now we understand why we sometimes don’t get along.

Now that I have learned about my personality type, my intelligences and my learning styles, I feel like understand myself better.  This will help me think differently about things that upset me or are hard for me.  Now I feel more self-confident, knowing that there are other people like me, for example, my mom.

Introducing…Me!!! (Lucas)

This is me on our family cruise.
This is me on our family cruise.

I never knew this about me, but the type of intelligence I have, the way I learn and my personality all work together to make me a unique, one of a kind, Lucas Fullton.

I am a kinesthetic learner. For those of you who don’t know what that means, I learn by doing things. Some of the ways I learn best are by taking short breaks during assignments and experiencing my work actively.  For me, that looks like taking notes during a video lesson or writing out all the steps to an Algebra problem (especially order of operations problems).

I have a strong interpersonal intelligence. If this is your type, then you are likely to be a leader and you can read people’s emotions. What I like about this type of intelligence is that one of its traits is caring about other people. If you see me bossing people around its because, as an interpersonal thinker, I’m a natural leader and expect quick action.

If someone asked me what types of personality I have, I would tell them that I am eager, impulsive and bold. This personality type is called Orange, according to the True Colors Personality Quiz.  During Science Friday, I learned that my brother and I have many similarities personality-wise, and I thought that was pretty cool.  It surprised me that he and I both competitive, courageous and tend to act out boisterously on our bad days.

I think it’s pretty awesome that God made it so each person is unique and special in their own way. I also like that no matter what type of intelligence, learning, or personality I have, I am proud of who I am glad for the uniqueness of others as well.

Everything is new

All set for a brand new, squeaky clean school year at home.
All set for a brand new, squeaky clean school year at home.

Everything is new today, but somehow it all feels cozy, familiar and safe.  That may be because my children have all spent the day dressed in pajamas and pending precious, peaceful hours working together at home.  This is the first September since we became a homeschool family, something I was certain (even adamant at times) we’d never become, and my gut says we’ve made the right choice for right now.   Continue reading “Everything is new”