Everything is new

All set for a brand new, squeaky clean school year at home.
All set for a brand new, squeaky clean school year at home.

Everything is new today, but somehow it all feels cozy, familiar and safe.  That may be because my children have all spent the day dressed in pajamas and pending precious, peaceful hours working together at home.  This is the first September since we became a homeschool family, something I was certain (even adamant at times) we’d never become, and my gut says we’ve made the right choice for right now.  

There are many things that children need their parents to give them.  Only one of which is an education.  I feel like educating our children at home opens the door to so much more of what I want to give:  purposeful time together, peaceful structure, pleasant memories, gentle guidance, protection from heartache, constant encouragement, all the best of me and as little as possible of the worst of me with plenty of grace all around.

Often, in parenting 5 children I feel frazzled, overwhelmed and (I confess) crabby because of pressures coming from all sides, but today I sat at the table over lunch just admiring the people they are and the blessing of these moments together.  I applauded their efforts, attitudes and accomplishments.  I celebrated the successes of today.  I soaked in the miracle that my children are.

Gone are the scramble-out-the-door days, the rush-through-homework days, the hurry-up-to-bed days.  Everything is new, and it’s just where we’re meant to be right now.

First day
It’s the first day of school and we’re in pajamas! All comfy-cozy, the way learning should be.

2 thoughts on “Everything is new

  1. I enjoyed that you said the things that stress us out have come to an end. I agree with you that we should stay at where things are new.


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