Introducing… Me!! (Luana)

Kyrie and I on a slide at the park
Kyrie and I on a slide at the park

My name is Luana, my favorite color is light pink and I like pigs and babies. Those are my outside things. But did you know that I also have inside things (besides guts, organs and intestines)?  I would like to tell you about my personality, my learning styles and my intelligences.

My learning styles are visual and kinesthetic. Being a visual learner means that I like to see things written out or that I like to look at the person who is talking to me. A kinesthetic learner is someone who learns best by doing. I understand things best if I work them out by myself.

I have two intelligences. The first one is musical. This means that I like to sing, rap and tap and snap my fingers. I like things that have to do with music. The other intelligence that I have is verbal-linguistic, which means that I like to talk and that I like to write. Verbal-liguistic also means that I can remember words and the meaning of them for a long time. I like to write and I especially enjoy writing poems.

My personality color is blue, which means that I am sincere and I am nice to other people when they get bullied or picked on. I am compassionate towards my peers. It didn’t surprise me that I, like others with a my personality type, am looking for meaning in life. For example, sometimes I might like to ponder that question and I like to think about what God planned for my life  and how I could understand it better. It was surprising to find out that my mom has the same type of personality as me.  Now we understand why we sometimes don’t get along.

Now that I have learned about my personality type, my intelligences and my learning styles, I feel like understand myself better.  This will help me think differently about things that upset me or are hard for me.  Now I feel more self-confident, knowing that there are other people like me, for example, my mom.


3 thoughts on “Introducing… Me!! (Luana)

  1. I liked the way you added Mae to your post. In my post I added Brayan and I was also surprised that we had the same type of personality. This made me want to argue less with him. Do you and Mae interact differently now?


  2. Luana I guess now I see the reason why were able to understand each other aside for the fact your my only girl sister that I can talk to. What you said is true you’re musical and are usually nice towards people.


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