Introducing Me… Brayan

Me upside down with my uncle on his wedding day.
Me upside down with my uncle on his wedding day.

Hello.  Today I am going to introduce you to me. I’m learning about the human brain and how my mind makes me unique.  I’m going to tell you about my personality type, my kind intelligence, and my learning style.

I found out this week that there are different kinds of intelligence like bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, musical and visual.  I have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.  That means I’m good at things like dancing, physical education, creative movement and hands-on experiments.  Sports are also fun for me.

I learn by doing, so I am also a kinesthetic learner.  For people who are kinesthetic learners like me, here are some ideas for when you are trying to learn something new.  You can use a highlighter for main ideas.  You can also try studying in different positions.  These two tips are the most helpful for me.

Sometimes if I’m having a bad day, I might seem rude or defiant, and if I am doing work, I might get bored or restless.  Well, those things mean my personality type is orange.  Orange personalities like mine are devilishly charming, bold, competitive and have a need for variety and excitement.

Well, that’s me. I hope you learned something about me and the way I do things. Knowing these things about myself helps me understand my limitations and strengths to help me to be a better learner.  And if I see who reads this again, our conversation will probably go well, because now you understand a lot about me.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Me… Brayan

  1. I liked how you gave people tips for if they are a Kinesthetic learner. Since we both have an orange personality type, maybe next time one of us is having a bad day, we can try and help each other out.


  2. Brayan, I liked the way you wrote words such as defiant and restless. I thought it was funny when you wrote that an orange personality type was devishly charming. I think thats totally you.👍👌👊


  3. So Brayan I think that you are creative and bold and competitive like me. I don’t think that you’re rude, defiant yes but you’re also funny. your very energetic and intelligent. I have learned a lot about you like your learning style.


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