My Cuneiform Project


During school, I have been working on a project about cuneiform writing.  Cuneiform is one of the earliest types of writing.  Hopefully you learn some cool things about cuneiform and what I made for my project. My siblings also made some interesting projects, so make sure you check out their blog posts.

Cuneiform is a system of writing that was first used in Sumer in the area of Mesopotamia around the year 8000 BC.  At first, cuneiform signs stood for pictures of things and then later on they stood for sounds that could be pronounced.  Before the development of cuneiform, people used clay tokens.  These tokens were used to keep track of goods coming into a developing city.  Cuneiform was a good way to communicate, but after 100 BC, it was replaced by alphabetic scripts, which were better for communicating.

Cuneiform was written on soft clay tablets.  The sumerians used a stylus to press wedge-shaped pictures into hte tablets.  Talking about wedge-shaped, the word cuneiform comes from the Latin word “Cuneus” which means wedge-shaped.  Sumerians found out that it was easier to write on wet clay, rather than carving on stones like the Egyptians did.  Papyrus paper was discovered alter on, and was even easier to write on.

For my project, I made some play dough, as the wet clay, and I used a flat head screw driver to give the symbols their wedge-shaped appearance.  I used this cuneiform chart to write “Be Thou My Vision” which is important to me because it reminds me to let God lead the way and even when I don’t know what’s ahead, God knows what’s coming and I can trust Him.

Me, trying out cuneiform for the first time.
Me, trying out cuneiform for the first time.
From: The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer (Vol. 1)
From: The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer (Vol. 1)

Overall, I think cuneiform was interesting and was a creative way to communicate.  The Sumerians must have found some flaws in this system (like heavy clay tablets and the inability to communicate fully).  I hope you have learned something interesting and now have  to tell other people about cuneiform.

My final product
My final product

One thought on “My Cuneiform Project

  1. I like how you used a flat screwdriver to make cuneiform writing. I learned that Egyptians also communicated with their drawings.


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