Amazing Caves, Amazing People

This week I have been learning about cave art and the history of cave painting. Let me tell you a little about it.

Have you ever wondered how people from 40,000 years ago managed to draw without paper or paint made with all those bad chemicals? Well, first I will tell you how they made paint. They made paint with dirt, charcoal mixed with spit or animal fat. If you ever decide to visit these caves I suggest not touching the cave art! The people that drew the art where usually drawing the animals they ate or it was a sign of good luck for the next time they where hunting. Did you know that the first people to draw cave art where women? Women basically invented cave art!

I also made a project that was made with brown crumpled up paper the paper needed to be crumpled so that it would look more like a cave wall. I made my own homemade ink using flower pedals I made this by smashing the pedals in hot boiling water and then I let it sit over night. The other type of ink that I made was used with burnt pieces of a log mixed with oil. I found out that water works much better. Then I painted with a paintbrush.

I picked flowers that represented the colors that the cave people used.
I picked flowers that represented the colors that the cave people used.
Me making ink out of flower petals
Me making ink out of flower petals
My ancient 4-fingered hand
Warriors fighting three ancient beasts (using my homemade ink)

I made a map showing where some of the oldest cave paintings are. When you click 0n the colored dots it will show you a picture of the cave art and some information about it.

Cave paintings are amazing to look at, but they are also amazing because through them we can look at the way they thought and lived. Isn’t it great that the ancient people thought to make art that would teach us things tens of thousands of years later.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Caves, Amazing People

  1. I really liked your map about the different places where you can find cave art. Your crumpled paper looks a lot like a cave and the men did remind me of warriors.


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