An Ancient Egyptian Invention

This week I’m going to talk about hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyphs are an ancient type of writing from Egypt.  How do you understand hieroglyphs?  they are pictures that describe something, but the pictures don’t always stand for the thing they show. For example, the hieroglyph that stands for “owl” looks like an owl, but the one that means “pool” it doesn’t really look like a pool.

Hieroglyphs were written on stone and walls until Egyptians found out they can make paper out of papyrus reeds.  Paper was a better way to write hieroglyphs because it was lighter and easier to write on.  Ancient Egyptians made black ink by burning wood or oil and and mixing the soot with water.

I did a project.  I made papyrus paper by weaving long strips of paper and soaking them in water and glue.  When it was dry, it stuck together almost like ancient papyrus paper.  In ancient Egypt, they made papyrus paper by splitting papyrus reeds and rolling them flat.  Then, they wove the strips into sheets of paper and let them dry.

Papyrus plant
Making papyrus paper
Making papyrus paper
I wrote "Ancient Egypt is Awesome" on my papyrus paper.
I wrote “Ancient Egypt is Awesome” on my papyrus paper.

In conclusion, papyrus paper was a good invention, but it’s not better than the paper we have now because now we have ways to make paper faster, better and in more different types.  We have ancient Egyptians to thank for the idea of paper.


2 thoughts on “An Ancient Egyptian Invention

  1. Your papyrus project was cool. I liked the way you weaved paper strips like Egyptians weaved the strips of papyrus reeds. I think it was smart that the Egyptians wrote on papyrus and that it must have been easier to write on than clay tablets like the Mesopotamians.


  2. Brayan, the way that you explained how to make ink was interesting. Soot from burnt wood is how they made ink for cave paintings too!


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