Crazy First Day of Fall


3 thoughts on “Crazy First Day of Fall

  1. Brayan, sounds like a plot for a new Disney movie — Ice Queen trying to rob the world of the wonderful colors and beautiful days of fall, people getting frozen, a mother sacrificing her life for her children. Well, thank goodness that good prevailed over evil in this story! Those crazy Ice Queens! When will they ever learn?



  2. Brayan, I liked when you where very discriptive when you mentioned that the cave was beautiful with its ice couch with “wolf fur” on top. I thought it was funny when you made the ice queen say,”now who should I freeze first?”


  3. I really liked all the details you used to describe the ice queen attacking Coco, Rosa and their mom. Your story had much more action than mine but ours did share a similarity, which was adding in magic.


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