How Humans Became Extinct

Long, long ago humans and dinosaurs lived among each other. They lived sharing the Earth. This means that dinosaurs didn’t eat humans and humans didn’t hunt dinosaurs. Every one was happy. Every year at the first sign of fall, the humans and dinosaurs migrated south to avoid a cold winter. This journey kept them warm and well fed. When the humans got tired they rode on the dinosaurs’ backs, but that soon changed.

One year something told Pa-Rex to lead the heard of all the dinosaurs off to migration early. He explained this to the humans, but they only laughed at him and told him that fall was still two weeks away and that they would leave on the first day of fall, just like every year. So Pa waited one more week until he could take it no longer. He led his heard away to the south wile the humans slept peacefully under and on the trees. The leaves, still green from the summer sun, were their blankets.

All the dinosaurs traveled up hill and through powerful storms, but they were tough and they all made it to the next day without anyone getting hurt. The little ones were not yet strong enough, so they rode on their parents’ backs as the humans would have done if they where there. By the next morning, they were four days away from their destination. Pa knew he had made a good choice about leaving their home early because the slower they went the colder it got so pa urged them to go on faster. Little did they know that, back home, it was freezing cold—winter had arrived instead of fall.

As they got closer to their destination, it amazingly got warmer and warmer until the dinosaurs felt as if there was a bubble of warmth around them. Pa told them that they had finally arrived and they should rest and have a feast of nuts, berries and pine green grass. When the healthy feast was over, they all enjoyed a good night’s sleep under the trees. But pa slept under the starry sky wondering and waiting for an answer of when it was safe to bring the herd back to their home. Eventually, he fell asleep, with worry in his head. The next months went by fast and Pa-Rex decided that it was time to return to their home.

On the sixth day of the journey they returned safely home. (Except grandpa-Rex died.) When the dinosaurs stepped on their territory something seemed strange. Where was the cheerful ring of human laughter in the air? Where were the babies that loved hanging out in the mothers’ nests? And where were the children that always ran in-between Pa’s legs. The entire world seemed to be deadly silent as the dinos stepped on to their territory. They stared in terror. All of the humans seemed to be frozen in place. Their statues seemed to be bent over and lifeless. Some of the ice was dripping from their noses, hair and fingers. But there was absolutely no sign of life in them.

The dinosaurs started to stir. Some were shouting, and some were even digging their teeth into each other’s neck, arguing that they should have brought the humans with them. Things started to get pretty ugly until pa-Rex roared, with a deep gash on his left eye, “How could we have brought them when they refused and laughed at us?” This really got the dinosaurs thinking and quiet. One asked, “How will we survive without any humans to tend and water the berries, trees and grass?”


Pa thought for a couple minutes, “Well the only way we will survive is by eating each other’s meat and flesh.” He paused and looked each dinosaur in the eye. “We will fight for our own life and for the life of our families.” Not even a second went by before the dinosaurs’ fled and dodged each other’s jaws. But there where, in fact, some dinosaurs that did not like the idea of eating each other, so they decided to eat the few leaves peeking out of the trees. These dinosaurs are called herbivores. The dinosaurs that did eat each other are called carnivores. That’s the story of how humanity ended and how dinosaurs came to rule the Earth.”


2 thoughts on “How Humans Became Extinct

  1. I really like your story and how the humans came to be extinct. I was surprised at how different our ideas were for how the characters were expecting the first day of fall, but instead they got winter.


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