How Long Was I Sleeping?

Felix woke up in his tent and everything seemed absolutely quiet. Yesterday he and his friend, Hannah, had been woken up by the late-summer sound of birds chirping. Something felt today, though. Felix got out of his sleeping bag and peeked outside to see if Hannah was up yet. He was about to call out to her when an icy wind hit his face spraying snow into his tent.

Felix was very confused. “Hannah!” he called out. She ran out of her tent not knowing it had snowed over night and got snow all over her legs. “What happened?” she screamed. Just as he was about to answer, a text message came in through his phone. It was his mom. It read, “Hi honey, you have been camping for three months and I’m beginning to think you don’t want to come home.” His first thought was that he started camping at the end of summer and he couldn’t remember having camped for three months. Felix talked this over with Hannah and they started to panic. If they had been camping for three months, Then that meant it was winter had they could not remember camping all they way through fall. They worried that they would freeze to death since they didn’t have the right clothes and gear.

After what seemed like forever, they decided to calm down and think. They started looking for clues to help them figure out what happened to them. Hannah and Felix used their sleeping bags for winter coats. “Lets look in the woods, maybe something will jog our memory”, Felix told Hannah. They wondered in sneakers in the snow-covered woods. Even though things were confusing, the two friends couldn’t help but notice that things did look beautiful.

They walked for a little while longer and all of a sudden they heard a crack. Hannah   realized too late that they had stepped on a frozen creek and they both fell into the water. The water was only waist-deep, but even so, Felix and Hannah were soaked with icy cold water. It felt as though cold crawled all the way up their spines, and they could hardly move.

Hannah and Felix crawled out of the water half limped back to their campsite and their legs had a stinging pain in them. They made a fire and exchanged a look that meant something changed since they fell in the creek. ”O my gosh!” Hannah exclaimed. “I have my memories back.” ”Me too!” said Felix. “But I don’t understand why it just suddenly came to us.” “Do you think it had something to do with the creek?” ”Maybe” he responded. “What I also find weird is that I only remember sleeping through all of fall” Hannah said. The two friends decided that their camping adventure was over and it was time to pack up. They finished putting away their tents after warming up and discussing plans to return home, as a snow mobile made its way toward them.

A tall man stepped off the vehicle and asked them “What are you two doing here in the middle of December?” Felix tried to explain their predicament, but it sounded so unreal. When Felix was done explaining, the man asked ”Did you go swimming at the creek when you first arrived?” ”Yes” they both answered. He asked, “Did you go swimming today?” “Umm… we fell in” Hannah replied. “Well it seems as though you’re talking about the ‘Sleeping creek,’” the tall man said. “Haven’t you ever heard of it?” “No we haven’t,” they said.

“Well, a long time ago when the creek was just an ordinary creek, a man named Peter Smith decided to go swimming in it. According to legend, a fairy appeared to him and told him not to swim in it, for that was her home. The man would not listen, so the fairy cursed the creek.” He continued, “If your body comes in contact with the water of Sleeping Creek, you will sleep for three months and you forget why you fell asleep. You might also forget things that happened before touching the water, like you guys don’t’ remember taking a walk in the woods, do you?”

“Oh, that makes sense!” said they both replied. “Can you explain what happens the second time someone comes in contact with the water?” Hannah asked.

“You see,” the man explained, “once you touch it again your memories are restored.”

“Thank you so much! Everything seemed so confusing, but thanks to you, it’s clear now,” they said together.

As Felix reached out to shake the man’s hand, the wet part of his sleeve brushed against the man’s skin. The man stared back blankly at Felix and said, “I’m sorry. I have to go now. Suddenly, I’m feeling very sleepy.”


2 thoughts on “How Long Was I Sleeping?

  1. I like how you said the lake was enchanted so their memory was restored. When I wrote my story I was going to make my characters lose their memory to.


  2. Lucas, I liked how at the end you made the boy touch the older man’s jacket and then at how the older man seemed tired and he said he needed a rest. I understood that the lake still seemed activated even though no one was in it. It showed me that the lake is very powerful. You expresed that in a clear and uderstandable way.
    – Luana


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