Writing about art

Yale Art Gallery, Ancient Art

Yale Art Gallery, Ancient Art

Rock Snake

Big, pointy iron gate

Flowery, twisty, powerful

Closes from danger

Circle Poem


Ancient art made into poetry


Athena, O great
Goddess of wisdom and art
You are from Rome  

Greek philosopher

You are old and bearded man 

Your eyes look sleepy

O, head of Hera

Second century Roman

Made of marble





Only goddess of love



The most beautiful goddess

Eyes are originally blue

Weird Dreams

This is a story that I wrote in fourth grade that I re-wrote and edited. Enjoy!!!

April 5, 1955

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad were fighting again. My brother I were eavesdropping again. Mom was sobbing, begging Dad to stay.  And Dad? He was cursing. With every shout, with every curse word my world seemed to disappear little by little. Without my parents there to hold it up, then what would I be? That’s right, nothing. Two halves make a whole. Two parents make a daughter.

FROM: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1964300/images/n-PARENTS-ARGUING-large570.jpg
FROM: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1964300/images/n-PARENTS-ARGUING-large570.jpg

It was nearly 10:30 when we heard crashing from the kitchen Ensar and I knew this was not the sound of Dad waking up to get a midnight snack of chicken. Ensar and I watched the whole thing. Although I had to cover his ears from dad’s bad words. At 11:12 I was too tired to watch my parent’s behavior, so I headed back to bed while holding Ensar right up close to my face like mother used to hold me before the fighting started. When Ensar went back to sleep, I snuck back to the top of the stairs and at 11:45 police officers entered the house and  left taking dad with them. One of the officers who stayed behind talked to Mom and she started crying. Three police officers stormed up the stairs.  One picked me up with fierce hands almost like he thought I was going to fight back, but I didn’t. I just let him pick me up and I rested my head on his shoulder. The next police officer picked up my sleeping  brother; he didn’t stir one bit.

The next day I woke up in an unfamiliar room with plain white walls and an odor of dirty socks. While I held Ensar, I walked around the strange room but I soon wandered off to the rest of the house.  I happened to pass the front door and as I peered outside I froze with horror. I was in a orphanage.  The bright orange sign on the front lawn said so.  It said in big bold letters, “WELCOME TO THE PENNSYLVANIA ORPHANAGE.”

Then I woke up with a start and smelled pancakes instead of dirty socks. I told my parents about the scary dream but they said that everything was alright and that I should not worry about those kinds of things they had a very strong love and that’s why my world was so big and strong.


Return of the Ice Queen

FROM: http://www.hdwallpapersos.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/icicle-001.jpg

In Coco’s and Rosa’s back yard, where the snow cave had once been, the Snow Queen’s pieces were forming a human body. All of a sudden, the snow queen was standing in Coco’s basement. “Now it’s time to get my revenge!” cackled the Snow Queen.

Coco and Rosa were in their school class room when Coco said, Mrs. ”Wolfe can I go to the bathroom?”

“Sure Coco,” replied the teacher.

When Coco was washing his hands, the water coming from the faucet suddenly froze into an icicle. Back in the classroom all the kids, including Rosa looked outside. And every thing was freezing. The streets, schools even houses just froze as a frosty wind blew through the town.

Coco ran out of the bathroom, got Rosa and went home hoping the Ice Queen hadn’t returned. Just before they arrived home a suspicious character with hair blazing like fire dropped a red ruby.

“I think he dropped that ruby on purpose. Don’t you think, Coco?” Said Rosa.

Just then the Ice Queen appeared and blasted ice at Coco and Rosa.

“Its the Ice Queen!” shouted Rosa.

“I do have a name, you know. It’s the Annihilator and I know just who to annihilate first.”

All of a sudden someone appeared out of the ruby. “Sister,” grumbled the Snow Queen.

“Call me the Queen of fire and lava. And now it is time for your wicked behavior to be MELTED.”


Goals are like a promises we make to ourselves

My brain is smart. I am good at many things. One of them is music but I am not as strong with logic and math. That is why this year one of my goals is to be good with math and to practice a positive attitude while doing math.

The first goal that I want to talk about is math. I think I am good at math. When I focus, that is. But when i’m asked to do math I grumble, talk back and sometimes I even refuse to do the math (even though I know that I will end up doing it).   I think that I will try not to be so stubborn about math. I will be positive and I won’t grumble about my math education.  I think that part of a positive attitude would mean coming up with new ways to keep my brain out of boredom because when I get cranky, I can’t think straight and when I can’t think straight to do a good job. So now I will need to come up with new things to help me understand math better. Since my learning styles are visual and kinesthetic, I will keep on taking meaningful notes in my notebooks and take short breaks. This means that I will eat something or I will go jump on the trampoline for a minute or two to help me stay alert.

I play the violin and it is hard to get up early to practice, I will start getting up early and I will be punctual. I came up with a goal to help me achieve this goal. My  plan is that since my brother now goes to a public school, he has to get up really early and  I can hear his alarm clock from my room. I think I can get up at the same time he does so that when he takes a shower I will be piking my clothes for after MY shower. By the time I am done with my shower he has gone off to school, so I probably will have to eat breakfast by myself or wait a while to eat with my parents. I can rewire my brain by getting up early each day to practice violin because when I do repeated practice, my brain creates new nerve pathways this helps me to create a new habit.

The lastgoal I have made for myself is to improve the attitude I use around my siblings. Yes, I have two brothers and two sisters and, yes, I am the middle child. What is this curse hat has been brought upon me? (I’m just playing.) I love all my siblings but I don’t think that I show it often enough to them. So, now that it is a new year, I will try not to yell at them and I will not give them hateful glares. (I am good at those!) And last but not least I will treat them the way I would treat God. Well, I wouldn’t actually bow to them or pray to them, but I will pray for them. My dream is that when I pray for them I will have a huge heart full of prayers for them. Like the one I have for God.

I like to make meaningful goals so that I can accomplish them and show other people that I can make goals and that I make sure I can reach the goals. Goals are like a promises we make to ourselves; they are thoughts that people have every year, (or every day) when we notice what we did wrong and how we can improve. The things that I want to change for this year are, being punctual, showing my siblings that I love them and not being stubborn about math. This year, I will depend on God to help me keep my promises.

From: http://bluecapra.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/pinkypromise.jpg
From: From: http://bluecapra.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/pinkypromise.jpg

Reaching for the mountain peak

Hello. I am exited to tell you that this week I am writing about my goals for this school year.

First, I want to talk about math. This year I want to improve my math. I realized when I learned about my multiple intelligences that this subject is hardest for me. I’m much better at music and movement. In the past, I kept on pushing myself to just get finished. Then I realized things take time.  So, this year I will be patient with myself and make sure I take the time I need to learn new things. My personality type enjoys independence and freedom, and homeschool gives me the freedom to work at my own pace.

My other goal for this year is to be more patient. I remember a time when I went to the doctor’s office and we weren’t even there five minutes before I asked, “Are we almost done?” I found out that if I keep on practicing being patient, I will grow more dendrites which will make it easier for me to behave patiently.  So, I will be working on my patience.

I have one more goal for this year and It is to focus.  My Parietal lobe helps me realize when I’m feeling distracted and need to focus. My learning style is Kinesthetic, so in order to stay focused on the right things, I need to do things like highlighting main ideas in a text, doing my work in an active way and studying in different positions and changing them frequently.  A couple times this year when I was doing school, my mom would help me finish a problem and tell me to do the next one by myself.  But I just kept zoning  out every time she told me to do a problem by myself.  I will try my hardest to not zone out this year.

Well, am glad you read my post.  Reaching for a goal and not stopping until you’ve accomplished it is like climbing a mountain to reach the top.  I’ve learned enough about my amazing brain that I am confident that it will help me throughout the school year as I climb toward my goals.

From: http://cdn2.landscapehdwalls.com/wallpapers/1/mount-olympus-3869-2560×1440.jpg