Goals are like a promises we make to ourselves

My brain is smart. I am good at many things. One of them is music but I am not as strong with logic and math. That is why this year one of my goals is to be good with math and to practice a positive attitude while doing math.

The first goal that I want to talk about is math. I think I am good at math. When I focus, that is. But when i’m asked to do math I grumble, talk back and sometimes I even refuse to do the math (even though I know that I will end up doing it).   I think that I will try not to be so stubborn about math. I will be positive and I won’t grumble about my math education.  I think that part of a positive attitude would mean coming up with new ways to keep my brain out of boredom because when I get cranky, I can’t think straight and when I can’t think straight to do a good job. So now I will need to come up with new things to help me understand math better. Since my learning styles are visual and kinesthetic, I will keep on taking meaningful notes in my notebooks and take short breaks. This means that I will eat something or I will go jump on the trampoline for a minute or two to help me stay alert.

I play the violin and it is hard to get up early to practice, I will start getting up early and I will be punctual. I came up with a goal to help me achieve this goal. My  plan is that since my brother now goes to a public school, he has to get up really early and  I can hear his alarm clock from my room. I think I can get up at the same time he does so that when he takes a shower I will be piking my clothes for after MY shower. By the time I am done with my shower he has gone off to school, so I probably will have to eat breakfast by myself or wait a while to eat with my parents. I can rewire my brain by getting up early each day to practice violin because when I do repeated practice, my brain creates new nerve pathways this helps me to create a new habit.

The lastgoal I have made for myself is to improve the attitude I use around my siblings. Yes, I have two brothers and two sisters and, yes, I am the middle child. What is this curse hat has been brought upon me? (I’m just playing.) I love all my siblings but I don’t think that I show it often enough to them. So, now that it is a new year, I will try not to yell at them and I will not give them hateful glares. (I am good at those!) And last but not least I will treat them the way I would treat God. Well, I wouldn’t actually bow to them or pray to them, but I will pray for them. My dream is that when I pray for them I will have a huge heart full of prayers for them. Like the one I have for God.

I like to make meaningful goals so that I can accomplish them and show other people that I can make goals and that I make sure I can reach the goals. Goals are like a promises we make to ourselves; they are thoughts that people have every year, (or every day) when we notice what we did wrong and how we can improve. The things that I want to change for this year are, being punctual, showing my siblings that I love them and not being stubborn about math. This year, I will depend on God to help me keep my promises.

From: http://bluecapra.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/pinkypromise.jpg
From: From: http://bluecapra.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/pinkypromise.jpg

2 thoughts on “Goals are like a promises we make to ourselves

  1. Luana, you certainly have set a lot of goals for yourself. They will all add up (get it? add up? math? it’s a pun) to make your life much better and more meaningful. Just remember to just take things one step at a time. Good luck.


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