Reaching for the mountain peak

Hello. I am exited to tell you that this week I am writing about my goals for this school year.

First, I want to talk about math. This year I want to improve my math. I realized when I learned about my multiple intelligences that this subject is hardest for me. I’m much better at music and movement. In the past, I kept on pushing myself to just get finished. Then I realized things take time.  So, this year I will be patient with myself and make sure I take the time I need to learn new things. My personality type enjoys independence and freedom, and homeschool gives me the freedom to work at my own pace.

My other goal for this year is to be more patient. I remember a time when I went to the doctor’s office and we weren’t even there five minutes before I asked, “Are we almost done?” I found out that if I keep on practicing being patient, I will grow more dendrites which will make it easier for me to behave patiently.  So, I will be working on my patience.

I have one more goal for this year and It is to focus.  My Parietal lobe helps me realize when I’m feeling distracted and need to focus. My learning style is Kinesthetic, so in order to stay focused on the right things, I need to do things like highlighting main ideas in a text, doing my work in an active way and studying in different positions and changing them frequently.  A couple times this year when I was doing school, my mom would help me finish a problem and tell me to do the next one by myself.  But I just kept zoning  out every time she told me to do a problem by myself.  I will try my hardest to not zone out this year.

Well, am glad you read my post.  Reaching for a goal and not stopping until you’ve accomplished it is like climbing a mountain to reach the top.  I’ve learned enough about my amazing brain that I am confident that it will help me throughout the school year as I climb toward my goals.


2 thoughts on “Reaching for the mountain peak

  1. Brayan, I thought that you made some really meaningful goals. I know because I live with you and sometimes I kind of know what would be helpful to you and what would not. Keep up the excellent work!!


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