Return of the Ice Queen


In Coco’s and Rosa’s back yard, where the snow cave had once been, the Snow Queen’s pieces were forming a human body. All of a sudden, the snow queen was standing in Coco’s basement. “Now it’s time to get my revenge!” cackled the Snow Queen.

Coco and Rosa were in their school class room when Coco said, Mrs. ”Wolfe can I go to the bathroom?”

“Sure Coco,” replied the teacher.

When Coco was washing his hands, the water coming from the faucet suddenly froze into an icicle. Back in the classroom all the kids, including Rosa looked outside. And every thing was freezing. The streets, schools even houses just froze as a frosty wind blew through the town.

Coco ran out of the bathroom, got Rosa and went home hoping the Ice Queen hadn’t returned. Just before they arrived home a suspicious character with hair blazing like fire dropped a red ruby.

“I think he dropped that ruby on purpose. Don’t you think, Coco?” Said Rosa.

Just then the Ice Queen appeared and blasted ice at Coco and Rosa.

“Its the Ice Queen!” shouted Rosa.

“I do have a name, you know. It’s the Annihilator and I know just who to annihilate first.”

All of a sudden someone appeared out of the ruby. “Sister,” grumbled the Snow Queen.

“Call me the Queen of fire and lava. And now it is time for your wicked behavior to be MELTED.”



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