Weird Dreams

This is a story that I wrote in fourth grade that I re-wrote and edited. Enjoy!!!

April 5, 1955

Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad were fighting again. My brother I were eavesdropping again. Mom was sobbing, begging Dad to stay.  And Dad? He was cursing. With every shout, with every curse word my world seemed to disappear little by little. Without my parents there to hold it up, then what would I be? That’s right, nothing. Two halves make a whole. Two parents make a daughter.


It was nearly 10:30 when we heard crashing from the kitchen Ensar and I knew this was not the sound of Dad waking up to get a midnight snack of chicken. Ensar and I watched the whole thing. Although I had to cover his ears from dad’s bad words. At 11:12 I was too tired to watch my parent’s behavior, so I headed back to bed while holding Ensar right up close to my face like mother used to hold me before the fighting started. When Ensar went back to sleep, I snuck back to the top of the stairs and at 11:45 police officers entered the house and  left taking dad with them. One of the officers who stayed behind talked to Mom and she started crying. Three police officers stormed up the stairs.  One picked me up with fierce hands almost like he thought I was going to fight back, but I didn’t. I just let him pick me up and I rested my head on his shoulder. The next police officer picked up my sleeping  brother; he didn’t stir one bit.

The next day I woke up in an unfamiliar room with plain white walls and an odor of dirty socks. While I held Ensar, I walked around the strange room but I soon wandered off to the rest of the house.  I happened to pass the front door and as I peered outside I froze with horror. I was in a orphanage.  The bright orange sign on the front lawn said so.  It said in big bold letters, “WELCOME TO THE PENNSYLVANIA ORPHANAGE.”

Then I woke up with a start and smelled pancakes instead of dirty socks. I told my parents about the scary dream but they said that everything was alright and that I should not worry about those kinds of things they had a very strong love and that’s why my world was so big and strong.



One thought on “Weird Dreams

  1. Well done on your story. It was sad when the kids woke up in a orphanage but your writing made me fell the emotions in the story.



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