The life of Mandrills


Today I will be telling you about mandrills.They live up to twenty five  years in captivity and are thirty inches tall. Males weigh 50 to 75 pounds and females weigh 25 to 35 pounds.They are the largest species  of monkeys and their name means man-ape.

I will first tell you where mandrills are found in the wild.They live in Central West Africa, but more specifically Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo.  They live in tropical rain forests.

Mandrills eat fruit, fungi, buds, insects, nuts, roots, seeds and smaller animals.  Their favorite food is plants.

Some unique physical characteristics of mandrills are that they have an unusual face with blue stripes on the side and a right red nose.  They have olive colored fur and their rumps are bright blue and red.

Mandrils live in large groups with one dominant male  They stay m mostly on the group, but do climb trees.  They store food in pouches in their cheeks like hamsters.

Some threats to the mandrills are humans ruining their habitat for farmland and the leopard hunting them for food.  People also hunt them for food.

The  mandril is a vulnerable species because of hunting.  Please help the mandrill if you can.  To learn more about the mandrill, go to or .


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