If I had a power it would be to have food appear out of my hands when I thought about it. The good thing about having food appear out of my hands is they I could give the food to homeless people if they need it. The bad thing is that people could take advantage of the power. I want this power because when I see homeless people on the side of the road, I want to give them food but I don’t have any to give to them so I feel bad.


My name is Meghan May Harrison. Most people call me Meggie, but not my poppa. He calls me by name, Meghan May. But when he is mad, he calls me by my full name. My dad is a kind of rough man, and he is mostly gruff.

In my family there is this prophecy that says that when you turn fifteen you get special powers. Tomorrow I turn fifteen. The thing that I don’t like about getting powers is that you don’t get to choose what your powers are. I’m hoping that my power is something boring and something people would not regularly notice, like my mom’s powers. She has the power to read really fast. My mom can read a 300 page book in fifteen seconds. I don’t want a power like my dad. He is a very strong person. He is a famous world wide wrestler. He has won seventy-two of his battles and lost two.

On my birthday night I awoke with a start and found my self dripping with sweat. The time was 11:59, one minute till I turned fifteen. I was shaky and worried. What if my power was to run super fast like Aunt Clair?  What if it was to hit someone every time I got mad?  My sleepy parents turned up at the foot of my bed and said, “Happy birthday!” sleepily.

“Thank you,” I said, surprised.  I took the neon green cupcake and shoved it in my mouth. I waited for something to happen to indicate my power was here.  I waited for 3 minutes before giving up.  I asked my mom for another cupcake and she said she didn’t have another one.  All of a sudden, my hands began to shake and out of both my hands cupcakes started shooting out.  My mother said, “Your power is food coming out of your hands when you think about it!”

From: http://cdn.theawl.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Screen-shot-2011-02-02-at-2.46.48-PM.jpg

My dad said with a smirk, “From now on, you make us dinner.”




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  1. Great job, Lu. I like that you wanted to use your power and not like take over the world. It inspired me that you made really creative names for your characters.



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