Goals and hopes

 Today I will tell you you about my goals  and hopes for this yearđŸȘ



Piglet to Pig


I think pigs are really cute. You might think that they are dirty, smelly, and fat animals with no personality what so ever! Studies show that pigs are the smartest farm animals. And the only reason that the pigs look gross is because in the summer time when It’s hot pigs need something to cool off. That’s why they roll in the mud. Like when you are hot in the summer you drink water or lemonade with some ice in it. So if you want a pig as a pet, give it a water puddle and that will make them much cleaner.

Adult Pigs

A boar is a male pig and a female pig that hasn’t had babies yet is called gilt. When she does give birth she is called a sow. A boar and gilt must be at least six months old to have a baby. After the pigs mate, the gilt is pregnant with six to fifteen piglets.

After sixteen weeks the gilt makes soft bedding in the barn since she knows its time to give birth. When the gilt finally gives birth, she immediately rolls on her side providing milk for her piglets. This pig now a sow has given birth to ten piglets.


Baby Pigs

Two weeks from when they are born the mother shows them around the barn. She shows them how to roll around in the mud to keep cool and she shows them how to smell out and dig up roots with their snouts. And she shows them that they should be nice piglets when playing piglet like games. When the day is over, the sow leads her piglets to the barn and falls asleep rolling on her side so the piglets can drink milk if they want to. After a wile when the mischievous piglets see that their mother is asleep they roll around the barn floor squealing with excitement chasing and biting each other long curly tails. But, when the farmer comes in the barn all the piglets quiet down and back away from him. They heard from the older piglets that when they are just about old enough to run and bite each others tail the farmer comes in and cuts them off. The docking tool looks like a hole puncher but sharp. The farm picks up every piglet and trims their tails. This is called docking.

The End

Four months later, the pigs are ready to be sold to another farm. By now, the mother could choose to be pregnant again. And after three more births, she is useless and is butchered and probably sold in Stop & Shop, beautifully displaying a $3.99/lb for a package of fresh pork.

My Hopes and Goals

Since the new year has begun I would like to share with you my hopes and dreams.

My first hope is that I can be a better and supportive friend to Faith. I also hope that when I am scared or need help, I will look to Jesus and I hope that I can trust in him. The last hope I have for the new year is that I can be more respectful towards my parents. These hopes are something that I will work on with my heart but there are some goals that I want to achieve.

My hopes for 2016

The goals I have for the new year are really important to me and I will do my best to accomplish them. The first is to stop sucking my thumb. I haven for years and this year I will choose to stop. I also hope that I can achieve my dreams of becoming a better actress. I will learn to control my anger when I am mad so that I don’t take it out on my family members. I love them and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. The last goal I have for this year is that I will listen to Christian music for 30 days!

My hopes for 2016

I will do my best and hardest work to achieve my hopes and goals.