The World is Not Out to Get You

A Thousand years ago, a little girl lived in a faraway land. This girl was not an ordinary girl. This girl was a princess. Her name was Princess Miadonnah. She was a very mean little girl, and bossy. She wanted anything and precisely everything. Her parents were proud of her for being commanding. Her mother bragged, “My little Mia is going to be just like me when she grows up.”

And her father, who had never kissed Mia goodnight, sneered, “Well then, Lord help us all.”

When Mia finished getting ready for bed, she walked downstairs to say goodnight. She kissed her father on the cheek, but king Blondele, who was fatter and greedier than his cattle, waved her off. Mia waved to her mother, not wanting to get near the awful face which her mother thought was a beautiful piece of work.

King Blondele always muttered, “it’s a piece of work all right.”

In her room, Princess Miadonnah ordered cook Molly Jane a newly dedicated handmaiden to give her warm milk (forgetting the please). When the warm milk was delivered to her she fell fast asleep. She woke up every hour of the night tossing and turning because she had a sad and empty feeling in her belly.

In the morning, Princess Miadonnah lay in her bed and thought of what she could ask for today. Maybe a diamond ring or a pound each of gold and silver. Then, setting her plan into action, she flew down the stairs, crossed her arms and asked handmaiden Joan, a bright and cheerful maid to give her a beautiful ball gown.

Handmaiden Joan cooed kindly, “But today isn’t the ball. That’s three days from now, Dearie.’’

Mia demanded, “But I want it now!”

So handmaiden Joan handed over Miadonnah’s ball gown. Miadonnah did not like the look of the ball gown but takes it anyway. Then coming upon Butler Stevie she asked him for a gift so he gave her his best pocket watch. Not liking this gift either she asked Handmaiden Josie for something, so she gave her a mirror and some make up brushes. Hating this gift, Princess Mia asked every person in the castle for a gift hating every single thing she received. She even asks her handsome Boyfriend Shwam for something. Prince Shwamerian had long black hair and deep caring blue eyes. And he gave her a horse and saddle. So the frustrated Mia went to the last person in the castle to ask for a gift.

She asked Handmaiden Lucy, a smart and determined woman, “ Give me a great gift or else I will tell my father that you didn’t give me something.’’ Handmaiden Lucy looked very surprised. She looked at Mia’s face and saw how tired she was, she had dark circles under her eyes and she was bent over and droopy like an old lady. So without saying anything, Lucy took Mia’s hand and led her to her room. Lucy gave her a nightgown and Mia willingly took it. Lucy gave her a big cotton blanket, Mia took it gratefully. Finally Lucy put Mia in her bed and Mia lay in it looking very pleased but still tired. Mia didn’t say thank you and didn’t say anything at all to Lucy because in only a moment she was fast asleep!

Princess Miadonnah was not a very nice little princess, but that night she realized that the whole world was not out to get her. All she needed was a good night’s sleep and everything seemed much better.


The End