Tailypo Monster

One bright summer morning, a young couple was getting married. The girl Marianne was short and had dark brown hair. Her name, witch meant dark flower, suited her very well. Marianne was mysterious and only loved those who loved and accepted her. But she was also as beautiful as a flower. And her husband, Mark, was tall handsome and had bright brown eyes.

After the wedding, when it was twilight, the couple took a walk in the woods. They were so much in love that they forgot that it was dangerous to be out at night. They were blinded by their love. Mark’s big soft hands wrapped around Marianne’s. They looked at the bright full moon and talked about their past and future together. When they were ready to go home, the couple walked briskly through the now misty woods. The branches were snapping under their feet and the leaves were swaying with the wind. They heard a deep growling somewhere near by. Then, all of a sudden, the Tailypo monster shot out of the trees and lunged for Marianne.

In a split second, Marianne was on the ground dead. Dead like Mark’s heart as he saw the Tailypo monster drag Marianne into the dark woods. With no time to lose Mark ran away from the monster and his dead wife, his head screaming in agony and his heart throbbing with pain. When he reached his cabin, Mark ran inside and locked the door. And on that night, his wedding night, he promised himself that he would kill the Tailypo monster for what he did to Marianne. His beloved dark flower.

After weeks of hunting, Mark still hadn’t found the monster. Sometimes at night, Mark would dream and remember the monster’s dark gaze, it’s hateful eyes and razor sharp teeth. He saw the monster’s long thin body and it’s strong, lean tail. The had known since childhood that if the Tailypo was broken or harmed in any way the Tailypo monster would die. He pictured the long snout and the powerful legs that had lunged for Marianne. Then Marks thoughts wandered off to Marianne and her wide smile, her bright way of laughing and the way she looked at Mark when they were married. Her gleaming eyes that had stared into Mark’s.

With anger burning against the Tailypo monster, Mark leaped out of bed and grabbed for his gun. He had set out to kill the monster. After hours of looking through the dark dreary woods, Mark finally found the monster feasting on a recent kill. Mark peeked from behind the tree he was hiding behind and saw his little brother Kyle, dead, another victim of the monster. Mark, now enraged with a new kind of anger, aimed and shot off the monster’s tail. The monster screamed and ran toward Mark while screaming, “Tailypo, Tailypo, give me back my Tailypo.”

Mark ran back from whence he came, the Tailypo monster close behind, nipping at his heels. Mark found his cabin and without closing the door, he ran up the stairs toward his room. And that’s when Mark realized that the monster was after its tail. He knew that he had to do something fast. So without thinking, Mark put the monsters tail in his mouth and bit into the it. The monster howled in agonizing pain. Mark looked back feeing pity on the monster. Then, with a jolt, he tripped and fell on a loose plank. Mark tumbled down the stairs, and by the time he was at the bottom he had finished eating the tail, but he was also a step away from his enemy. Mark thought the monster wouldn’t be able to get the tail now, but quick with action, the monster lunged for Mark’s stomach, tearing him apart, but it was no use. The monster found his tail destroyed and in pieces. With one more agonizing howl, the monster fell down dead next to Mark. Both in pain and longing for something they loved, man and beast died together.


Image from:  http://resources1.news.com.au/images/2012/04/26/1226338/913285-tasmanian-tiger.jpg



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