I was walking through the woods on a hike with my Mom, Dad and little brother Joseph. It was a bright first day of spring and my family was tired of being cooped up inside the house all winter.

As we were walking we noticed that winter had made the ground soggy and wet. Every time I stepped on the ground, a small puddle appeared and soaked my shoes. We also noticed the trees were leaning over us. They looked just about ready to crush someone flat. Joseph ran past every tree that hung over his head just incase it decided to fall. I was in the middle of saying that that wasn’t necessary when all of a sudden, I heard a bid CRACK and something big toppled down on me.

I woke up dizzy and my head felt like it wanted to explode but was scared to. I was in a dark room with muffled voices behind the steel walls. Somewhere in the wall a door opened and a doctor came in. Bright light streamed in from another room and I closed my eyes shut to avoid it. The doctor told me that I had broken my scull. I asked how that happened.

He replied, “A tree fell on you.”

That’s when I remembered. I was telling my brother that rushing past the leaning trees wasn’t necessary then a huge tree toppled right down on me. I remember it being dark and cold and I couldn’t see and I thought I had gone blind. Then I heard my little brother scream for my parents and then I herd my mom scream for my dad to call 911. I could hear my parents outside the tree hole comforting me and asking me if I was ok and if I could breathe all right. I told them that couldn’t see but that I could breathe just fine. My dad asked me if I could move my eyeballs around I could but my eyes felt sticky and my head was throbbing. He said that the blood from my wound probably just went in my eyes. And that’s when I fainted.




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