Election Process Timeline


Before I made this timeline it was very hard to keep track of what came first and last and what else happens as a presidential candidate attempts get elected.  Making a timeline helped me to understand and learn the steps to becoming President of the United States of America.



The Electoral Process


This month I learned about the Electoral Process. Before this activity I only knew that there was an election day. I didn’t know about the Electoral College or about being sworn in to office. Making this timeline has helped me to understand more about presidents and the Electoral Process. If I wanted to be president I would know what to do. There is a lot of work to do before and after you’re elected!

Character Trait Post



Hillary Clinton is very confident when it comes to winning the presidential election. She is very smart and knows how to get people on her side to vote for her. She is prepared and has a plan for helping veterans and many other things. She is determined to become president and to make an end of ISIS.  These are some of the reasons I hope she becomes our next president.slide2

I am reading One Came Home By Amy Timberlake. Georgie is the main character I’ve been looking into. This is how I describe her: Georgie is a loyal person that runs after her sister when her Grandfather would not. She is smart because she makes a plan before she runs away, and is caring by wanting to go after her lost sister.  She’s a good person and I hope she finds her sister by the end of the book.


Trump and Leslie

slide1Donald Trump is secretive, rude, sharp and professional. He is also old. He has some good and some bad characteristics. I mean, nobody wants to be old, but I wouldn’t mind being called professional. He wears ties and fixes his hair really nicely. He is 70 years old. He interrupts, not to make a point, but to be heard, which seems very rude. He wants to let us know that what he says is more important than what others say. He is secretive. He said in the Commander in Chief forum, “I have a plan to defeat ISIS, but I won’t tell you.” This makes me think that he doesn’t actually have a plan, but he just wants us to think that he does so that we will elect him for president. My advice is to think carefully before you vote on election day.



Leslie Burke is a tomboy. She is imaginative, friendly and caring. Leslie always wears long pants and long sleeve shirts. She has really short hair, and instead of playing with dolls she plays out in the dirt with her best friend Jesse Aarons, who is a boy. She made up an imaginative world called Terabithia. She plays in it with Jess. They are the King and Queen of Terabithia. They fight the bad guys that try to take over their land. Since she is new at her school, everyone teases her for wearing long pants and playing with the boys instead of playing hopscotch with the girls. Instead of being mean in return, Leslie is caring. When the meanest bully at her school is having a bad day, Leslie makes her feel better. Leslie Burke is the kind of person I would want to be friends with.

President Logo


If I were to vote for a president I would vote for one that is determined, nice and well known. Also, I would vote for one that has big accomplishments and leadership experience. That’s why I decided to research presidential candidate Donald Trump to see if he is worth voting for. If you do the same, you will find out that he is the author of 15 best selling books, owns a company and has a skyscraper named Trump Tower. Donald Trump graduated from The University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Finance. He has also been a Real Estate Developer, President of the Trump organization, host of The Apprentice and a supporter of Veteran causes. I think Donald Trump is very well known because he has 7 million followers on social media.

I designed this new logo and slogan for Donald Trump because it shows he wants to change our country and highlights his financial success. The coin connects his success in business to the success he could have as President.

Sixth grade goals

Last year my goals for the year were to get better at math, patience and focus. I Think I pretty much surpassed my expectations. I can tell my focus much improved  because I tend to get distracted much less often.

This year I have three goals I would like to share with you. One is to read more than five hundred books before the end of the school year.  I think I might start with The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes. My second goal is to learn ways to organize myself so when it comes to math and reading I have what I want ready so I don’t get frustrated and confused. My final goal is to remember to have every day prayer and Bible time so I have a better relationship with God.

I feel like this year I have a pretty good handle on my goals. I feel very confident I can fulfill them.


Ready… Set… Homeschool!

I’m back to school from a very chill summer vacation. My favorite part of vacation was camping. I was with some of my favorite people. My family. I prefer sleeping in a tent than in a cabin. I like the experience. I slept with my older and younger siblings. We told ghost stories the first night, I have to say, my two older siblings know how to tell a scary story! When I came back from camping I enjoyed some time swimming with my best friend, Julianna. She is really funny!back-to-school-writing-by-pencil

My Goals

Now that I’m in 7th grade, I have some goals that I would like to share with you. I love music so I think that practicing violin would be a great goal for me. I want to get better if I’m going to be a famous violinist. I also want to finish Pre-Algebra before the end of 7th grade so I can get started on Algebra 1 before 8th grade. The last, and most important goal that I have is to get baptized. At first I didn’t want to get baptized when my mom first suggested it because I thought that It would be embarrassing getting dumped in tub of water in front of the whole church. But then I talked it over with my pastor and as I learned more about baptism and what its for, I decided I wouldn’t be to bad to take my faith in God one step further.

Ready To Get Started

I feel like it would be awesome to be in my second year at home school. I think this year will be twice as much fun as last year because we are all much more experienced at learning and helping each other. My brother and I now know what is expected of us at school. I think we are all ready to get our homeschooling on, at home.