Ready… Set… Homeschool!

I’m back to school from a very chill summer vacation. My favorite part of vacation was camping. I was with some of my favorite people. My family. I prefer sleeping in a tent than in a cabin. I like the experience. I slept with my older and younger siblings. We told ghost stories the first night, I have to say, my two older siblings know how to tell a scary story! When I came back from camping I enjoyed some time swimming with my best friend, Julianna. She is really funny!back-to-school-writing-by-pencil

My Goals

Now that I’m in 7th grade, I have some goals that I would like to share with you. I love music so I think that practicing violin would be a great goal for me. I want to get better if I’m going to be a famous violinist. I also want to finish Pre-Algebra before the end of 7th grade so I can get started on Algebra 1 before 8th grade. The last, and most important goal that I have is to get baptized. At first I didn’t want to get baptized when my mom first suggested it because I thought that It would be embarrassing getting dumped in tub of water in front of the whole church. But then I talked it over with my pastor and as I learned more about baptism and what its for, I decided I wouldn’t be to bad to take my faith in God one step further.

Ready To Get Started

I feel like it would be awesome to be in my second year at home school. I think this year will be twice as much fun as last year because we are all much more experienced at learning and helping each other. My brother and I now know what is expected of us at school. I think we are all ready to get our homeschooling on, at home.


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