President Logo


If I were to vote for a president I would vote for one that is determined, nice and well known. Also, I would vote for one that has big accomplishments and leadership experience. That’s why I decided to research presidential candidate Donald Trump to see if he is worth voting for. If you do the same, you will find out that he is the author of 15 best selling books, owns a company and has a skyscraper named Trump Tower. Donald Trump graduated from The University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Finance. He has also been a Real Estate Developer, President of the Trump organization, host of The Apprentice and a supporter of Veteran causes. I think Donald Trump is very well known because he has 7 million followers on social media.

I designed this new logo and slogan for Donald Trump because it shows he wants to change our country and highlights his financial success. The coin connects his success in business to the success he could have as President.


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