Character Trait Post



Hillary Clinton is very confident when it comes to winning the presidential election. She is very smart and knows how to get people on her side to vote for her. She is prepared and has a plan for helping veterans and many other things. She is determined to become president and to make an end of ISIS.  These are some of the reasons I hope she becomes our next president.slide2

I am reading One Came Home By Amy Timberlake. Georgie is the main character I’ve been looking into. This is how I describe her: Georgie is a loyal person that runs after her sister when her Grandfather would not. She is smart because she makes a plan before she runs away, and is caring by wanting to go after her lost sister.  She’s a good person and I hope she finds her sister by the end of the book.



One thought on “Character Trait Post

  1. Brayan, the way you described Georgie is very accurate. Good Job! Spoiler alert, She doesn’t find her sister But what she finds out about her sister is surprising!


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