Trump and Leslie

slide1Donald Trump is secretive, rude, sharp and professional. He is also old. He has some good and some bad characteristics. I mean, nobody wants to be old, but I wouldn’t mind being called professional. He wears ties and fixes his hair really nicely. He is 70 years old. He interrupts, not to make a point, but to be heard, which seems very rude. He wants to let us know that what he says is more important than what others say. He is secretive. He said in the Commander in Chief forum, “I have a plan to defeat ISIS, but I won’t tell you.” This makes me think that he doesn’t actually have a plan, but he just wants us to think that he does so that we will elect him for president. My advice is to think carefully before you vote on election day.



Leslie Burke is a tomboy. She is imaginative, friendly and caring. Leslie always wears long pants and long sleeve shirts. She has really short hair, and instead of playing with dolls she plays out in the dirt with her best friend Jesse Aarons, who is a boy. She made up an imaginative world called Terabithia. She plays in it with Jess. They are the King and Queen of Terabithia. They fight the bad guys that try to take over their land. Since she is new at her school, everyone teases her for wearing long pants and playing with the boys instead of playing hopscotch with the girls. Instead of being mean in return, Leslie is caring. When the meanest bully at her school is having a bad day, Leslie makes her feel better. Leslie Burke is the kind of person I would want to be friends with.


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