Campaign Issue Essay


I have been learning about major campaign issues. The issue that is most important to me is education. The two main topics about education are free public university and the Common Core.

I totally support free public university because people who are not wealthy can get a college education and people won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for education. Hillary Clinton takes the same position and thinks students “should never have to borrow to pay for tuition, books and fees to attend a four year public college.” Donald Trump does not take the same position because he thinks, “there’s no such thing as free education because you know that ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education.” I think if our country is more educated, it would be a good thing for everyone, so public colleges should be free for most students.

Another thing to consider is the Common Core. Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards that outline what a student anywhere in the nation should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. I consider it to be good. Hilary Clinton is in favor of Common Core because she thinks it will help unify education. I think that is a wonderful answer. Donald Trump is against it because he thinks education should be handled by each state, not by the federal government. I think Common Core is good because, like Hilary Clinton said, it will help unify our nation’s education system.

I think our education would be better if college were free and Common Core were used.


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