Political Infographic

We’ve been studying politics in our little homeschool and we’ve all learned a lot about how an individual and a nation elect a new leader.

So far, we’ve covered voting rights and responsibilities, character analysis and candidate evaluation, the electoral process, how ballots work, campaign issues and the political party system.  We’ve watched debates, read about current events and researched using books, articles, websites and videos.  Today’s assignment became what you see below:  creation of an infographic spelling out some of the main distinctions between our country’s two main political parties’ platforms.  I’m proud of my two smart students for pulling together research from various sources to create this graphic.  They worked together as a team to develop the content and contracted me to help with design and technical services (though the website venngage.com made it very simple).


Click the following link for a higher resolution image:

In case you can’t tell from the high quality work that’s been going up on our blog lately, homeschool totally works for us right now!  We’re loving how flexible it can be.  Case in point, this assignment was originally designed for the kids to interview each other about political parties and then write a newspaper article-style post explaining about the party system to the world.  During their research, however, the kids found that there were very few clear and concise sources of information spelling out how to differentiate between what Republicans believe and what Democrats believe.  As they searched and searched, it became clear that they had the ability to offer something to the internet that seemed to be lacking.  So, we scrapped the interview/newspaper article idea and joined forces to collaborate on one slammin’ infographic.  You’re welcome, internet.  You’re very welcome.

PS, we used isidewith.org this week and also found the following videos helpful


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