best-friendsKaterina sat at the dinner table looking at her cheerios. Her mom came into the dinning room and sat down heavily. Her stomach was getting bigger every week. “I’m not feeling very well today.” Her mom said.

“I can see that.” Katerina said. She took her cheerios and dumped them in the sink. She ate a banana instead.

“I can’t drive you to your first day at school.” Her mom said.

“Oh,” Kat said with disappointment in her voice.

“That’s okay.” Anger started to bubble up inside of her.  “I can see that you don’t care enough about me, but it’s okay, I’m used to it by now.”

“Honey, don’t say that.” Her mom said caringly.

“Whatever.” Kat said rolling her eyes. She ran out of the house and to her bus stop. She got there just in time. Kat clambered on and found an empty seat.

“Here goes nothing.” Kat said to herself. The bus snorted and they were on their way to school.


“Is anyone going to sit here?” A small girl pointed to the seat next to Kat.

“No.” Kat crossed her arms. The girl plopped herself down on the seat.

“Hello, my name is Fiona Merchander. I just moved in a couple blocks down  from you.” Fiona introduced herself.

“Uh, does it look like I care?” Kat asked.


“Then stop talking!” Kat said looking out the window.

“You are so funny!” Fiona laughed out loud. Fiona slapped Kat on the back.

“I’m from Nebraska by the way.” Fiona kept talking.

Kat rolled her eyes and looked right at Fiona. She noticed Fiona’s wide brown  eyes and curly blond hair that was tied back into a neat bun, it was held in place with big bright colorful clips. She had on rainbow socks, yellow leggings, a navy blue skirt, a red shirt and the ugliest green sweater Kat had ever seen.

“Anything else you want to say?” Kat ordered.

“Well since you asked so nicely, Fiona said in a cheery voice, “I have seven brothers, two cats, five fish and no sisters. Fiona took a big gulp of air and continued, “I love soccer, I play cello, I love cookies and my favorite singer is Beyonce. I also like Elvis. I am 11 years old and a little young to be in 7th grade but that’s okay ‘cause even If I don’t pass 7th grade, we are all achievers!” Fiona said pumping her fists up in the air. Several people looked at her and pointed.

“What are you, two?” Kat said embarrassed.

“No, I’m eleven didn’t you just hear me say that?” Fiona asked with a big grin on her face.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I love fall ’cause there are so many pretty colors, my favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland and my favorite foods are pasta, pizza, chicken, and beets. I also like pink. Fiona looked at Kat and smiled.

“What about you, what do you love?” Fiona asked Kat excitedly.

“Well, Kat said, for starters I hate pink, I hate foods that are green and yellow, I hate music unless its punk/rock, I hate babies and I don’t like 7:30 to 3:45!” Kat finished with a big sigh.

“Why don’t you like 7:30 to 3:45?” Fiona asked with really big eyes.

“Duh, school hours, stupid!” Kat said.

“Oh, okay.” Fiona said in her most cheery voice as though she didn’t mind being called stupid.

“Oh right, Kat remembered, I’m also in 7th grade, I’m 12, I hate summer and everyone calls me Kat not Katarina. If you call me Katarina it will be very bad for your health.” Kat finished, sticking her fist under Fiona’s nose.

“Great!” Fiona exclaimed, not seeming to care that she had just been threatened. Just then, they got to the school parking lot. Fiona hopped out of the bus, while Kat glumly followed. Fiona found her class and was pleased to find that Kat was already seated and taking out her black notebooks.

“Hello Katarina!” Fiona shouted from across the room.

“Here goes nothing.” Kat thought as she slumped in her seat.


The first few months of school went by fast. Kat decided that Fiona was alright. She still didn’t like the way Fiona got exited about everything. Fiona learned that she should go along with everything that Kat said because she wanted Kat as happy as she always was. It was a cool morning.  Kat was complaining about the coolness she told her mom was scorching heat. Fiona decided to get on her bike and go couple blocks down the road to Kat’s house. When she got there Kat made Fiona drink lemonade with her on the porch as they talked about school.

“I’m really exited about the friend quiz we are going to take on Monday.” Fiona said happily. “I think I’ll write about you, who will you write about?” Fiona asked Kat.

“Nobody is friends with one another in room 9!” Kat told Fiona. “Everyone in room 9 doesn’t know how to interact right and with this hideous weather how can anyone make friends?” Kat said with a loud wail.

“You could write about me.” Fiona said excitedly.

“Whatever.” Kat said with a sigh.

“Ooookay!” Fiona said with a huge smile.

“But this heat is agonizing!” Kat stated. Fiona learned that Kat always exaggerated everything so she nodded and smiled. Even though it was the coolest day since the Fall.

“Ugh,” Kat said, “look at all the ugly leaves, they all stick to each other.”

“Um, it did rain yesterday, Kat.” Fiona was careful to call her Kat and not Katarina. She had learned this the hard way. She still had a bruise under her left eye from the last time she called her friend Katarina.

“Oh, right, I forgot.” Kat said with a shrug.

“You should really go home.” Kat said.

“Why?” Fiona asked.

“Because in this heat you could get sunspots on your skin.” Kat said with wide eyes.

“What are sunspots?” Fiona asked, unsure if she should believe what Kat said. Kat often said things that didn’t make sense or were untrue so that she could sound smart and sophisticated.

“Why do you always question me, Fi?” Kat asked with a sigh.

“I don’t know,” Fiona lied. “I’ll go home then.” Fiona said. She stood up and hopped down the porch steps. She skipped to her bike and got on. She clipped on her pink pony helmet.

“Bye Kat!” She shouted over her shoulder. Kat rolled her eyes and went inside. She saw her little brother Toby, who was born on her first day of school, try to stand up. She passed by him, looked to see if anyone was around and roughly pushed him over. She bounded up the stairs while he wailed behind her. She heard her mother run to see what was the matter.

“Katarina Mia Jackson, get down here this minute!” Her mother screamed. Kat plopped herself down on her bed and closed her eyes.

“Whatever.” She thought.


“Kat, may I talk to you?” Kat’s mom peeked in her room. Kat was getting ready for school that morning. She just needed her backpack.

“Sure, come in.” she said with a heavy sigh and eye roll that she made sure her mom saw.

“Honey, uh, there is some bad news that I, uh, have for you. How about we, umm, sit down. Kat looked for a reason to argue. Not finding one she sat down heavily.

“So, yesterday, there was an accident that happened.”

“To who?” Kat asked, tension growing inside her.

“Um, your friend Fiona.”

“What happened?” Kat said breathlessly.

“She was riding home on her bike yesterday when, uh, a car hit her. It was all an accident, sweetheart.” Kat stood up. She couldn’t hold herself up and fell to the floor.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” her mom asked cautiously.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Kat looked up at her mom.

“Are you sure, I totally understand if you want to stay home and get yourself together.” Her mom said caringly, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“No, I have to go to school!” Kat almost shouted at her mom.

“Really?” her mom raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I can’t miss the test, I have to do it, for Fiona.” She whispered her lost friend’s name.

“Okay, honey. I understand.”

“No you don’t.” Kat said forcefully. “Just drive me to school.” She said a little quieter. She picked up her backpack and walked out of the room. It was a quiet ride to school, when she got there she didn’t say goodbye to her mom, she was determined to get to class. She calmly walked across the playground and into her class. She felt all her classmates’ eyes on her but she didn’t care. She sat down and looked down at the first question on the paper. She thought about Fiona, her best friend, and started the friend quiz.


The first question asked, best friend’s name and eye color. Kat wrote Fiona, a heart to dot the i, and Beautiful Brown for eye color. The second question asked, best friend’s favorite thing(s). Kat smiled and wrote down, bright colors, ponies, Beyonce, Elvis, cello and soccer. The third asked, best friend favorite foods. Kat wrote pizza, pasta, cookies, chicken and beets. The fourth asked, Friends family/pets. Kat wrote, seven brothers five fish and two cats. The fifth asked, favorite movie. Kat wrote Alice in Wonderland. The sixth question asked, best friends favorite color, Kat wrote pink with a smile.The last question asked, best friend’s favorite Season. Kat thought hard then finally wrote Fall. She handed in the quiz and sat back down. She went the whole day with a grin on her face. When the bell rang, the teacher called Kat to the front of the room. Kat slowly stood up and walk to the front of the class.

“Kat, I would like to know how you got all the questions right on the Friend Quiz.” Her teacher said with a grin.

“Well, lets just say, my best friend talks a lot!” Kat said as she left the room. She looked back at her puzzled teacher and smiled.


When Kat got on the bus she sat down and looked at her quiz booklet. She found Fiona’s paper that said in big swirly letters, My Favorite Things. She remembered that all the kids in room 9 had to write down all their favorite things on the first day of school, for the quiz Kat just took. She matched her answers with Fiona’s paper. All correct, just like her teacher said. Deep inside she smiled as she thought of Fiona and all the things she told Kat about herself on their first day of school. When Kat go home, she went inside and saw her little brother try to stand up. She walked over to him and gave him a hand. he walked across the room and looked up at Kat with a huge, proud smile.

“Good job!” She cooed in his ear as she picked him up and put him in his high chair. She looked over and saw her 7 year old sister, Jessica, accidentally pop the head of her barbie doll. She shrieked and ran to her mom. Kat ran upstairs and found the doll she had kept from when she was 7. She brought it downstairs and handed it to Jessica.

“Take care of her.” Kat said gently. Jessica hugged the doll close to her.

“Thanks Kat!” she said excitedly. Kat went into the other room and found her 2 year old sister, Denice, trying to tie her hair. So far it was just a tangle. Kat giggled then brushed  her little sisters hair and tied it in little pigtails. she set her sister down and went into the dinning room where she found her father and mother.

“Daddy!” She cried throwing her arms around him.

“How come you’re home early?” Jessica asked. Her new doll in her arms.

“Because we have something important to tell you guys.” He said picking up Tony. While their mom picked up Denice.

“What?” Jessica said with wide eyes. Kat had a feeling she already knew.

“Im pregnant!” Her mom said excitedly. Jessica screamed and threw her little arms around her mother.

“And the two oldest girl get to pick the new baby’s name!” he said throwing Tony up in the air.

“How about Lulu!?” Jessica danced around the room screaming.

“Kat, what do you think?” Kat’s mom asked.

“How about, Lulu Fiona?” Kat said with a grin.

“I like it.” their dad said.

“Lulu Fiona it is.” their mom said with a knowing smile.



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