How Bob Met Toby

Bob walked to school one day feeling happy and cheerful as always, though it was a cloudy Monday morning. In Bob’s head, he was getting ready to face another day of being made fun of and still be positive.

When Bob got to school he bumped into Toby, Wilbur School’s biggest jerk. Toby had been thinking that this would be the worst day of his life, just like yesterday and every day before. He was thinking of all the people he could give wedgies to just to brighten his day.

When Bob collided with Toby, Toby grabbed Bob by the arm and led him to the janitor’s closet. There, Toby planned to lock Bob in. Toby was thinking of all the horrid things he could do to Bob right then. He shoved Bob into the Janitor’s closet and went in behind him to finish making his point.

Toby shook his fist at Bob and yelled, “It serves you right for running in to me.”

When Toby turned to leave, he saw the door had closed behind them.  “See ya later, Fatty Patty,” he mocked, as he reached for the doorknob, suddenly realizing he had locked them both in the smelly janitor’s closet.

Bob said with a smile, “If we work together, we could probably get out of here instead of getting into trouble and missing school.”

“Oh, yeah?” said Toby sarcastically, “Then we’ll go to your house to bake cookies,  share pink fluffy cotton candy and have a tea party with our stuffed animals.  Work together with you?  It’s never gonna happen.”

“That anger you’re feeling, I’ve felt it before.  Being mean just won’t help.  Trust me,” said Bob. “Now, do you have a paper clip so I can get us out of here?”

“Yes,” said Toby,  handing Bob a paper clip from his pocket.

While Bob was working on picking the lock, he told Toby of how he used to be a bully because of all the pain he felt for being made fun of for his appearance.  He described how he overcame it when he decided to be positive instead of negative. When he looked back at Toby, he saw tears streaming down the bully’s face.

“You have taught me an important lesson,” Toby said to Bob. From now on I will try to be the nicest person I can be.

When Bob finished picking the lock Bob and Toby walked out of the janitor’s closet and a new friendship started to grow.



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