Case for Christ

I have been reading a book called Case for Christ for Kids by Lee Strobel.  It taught me a lot about about Jesus that I did not know before.  I was most impressed with the miracles Jesus did and the reason he really died on the cross and now I’d like to share what it meant to me.

I used to find it boring to read the Bible and pray because these things felt like chores to me.  Several things I learned while reading Strobel’s book have helped me to experience God in a new way.  Case for Christ taught me the real reason Jesus died on the cross:  so he could take away all our sins.  If he hadn’t died on the cross, we would all be dead in our sins (Ephesians 2:1).  I also learned that Jesus had 5000 eyewitnesses when he fed them with one little boy’s lunch and also over 500 saw him resurrected after his crucifixion.   Case for Christ taught me new miracles Jesus did.  He healed a man who was born blind and cast out demons from many people.   Case for Christ has really shown me the kind of great messiah Jesus really was.  Case for Christ taught me that some of Jesus’ followers were so loyal that they would die for him by standing fast in their beliefs.  Jesus loved us so much he was willing to die for us.  So, when he died he took our sins away and beat the devil.

Case for Christ really showed me how great God is.  It also taught me the real reason Jesus died on the cross.  The book revealed miracles I did not know about before.  As I read it, I learned that some of Jesus’ followers were very loyal to him.  Now that I feel closer in my relationship to Him, I also want to be a loyal follower of Christ.  I’d say the Case for Christ is solved:  He is my savior.



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