Brayan and Luana have been learning about cells, their parts and their functions.  They have learned to prepare slides and use a microscope.  They have worked together to design this YMCA as an analogy for a cell.  Each organelle is represented by one part of the community pool below.  Stay tuned for the 3D model coming soon!

ymca-cell-planLockers are a place for storage. They are the vacuoles.

The bathroom has toilets to break down waste and bacteria they are the Lysosome.

The people are little grains floating around inside the YMCA (the cell) and on the hallways (Rough ER) where proteins are  made. They are the Ribosomes.

The wall is the protective outside layer of the YMCA that lets some things in and keeps others out. It’s the Plasma Membrane.

The mitochondria breaks down sugar, and the Juice Bar uses the sugar to make energy for the swimmers.

Don’t run when you get to the pool! Its cytoplasm might make you slip.

The janitor’s closet packages things to leave the cell. He calls his closet Golgi Apparatus.

The main office has Mr. Nucleus who is the boss and also the brain of the office.

The office wall surrounds the office and controls who goes in and out just like the nuclear membrane does in a cell.


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