Brayan and Luana have been learning about cells, their parts and their functions.  They have learned to prepare slides and use a microscope.  They have worked together to design this YMCA as an analogy for a cell.  Each organelle is represented by one part of the community pool below.  Stay tuned for the 3D model coming soon!

ymca-cell-planLockers are a place for storage. They are the vacuoles.

The bathroom has toilets to break down waste and bacteria they are the Lysosome.

The people are little grains floating around inside the YMCA (the cell) and on the hallways (Rough ER) where proteins are  made. They are the Ribosomes.

The wall is the protective outside layer of the YMCA that lets some things in and keeps others out. It’s the Plasma Membrane.

The mitochondria breaks down sugar, and the Juice Bar uses the sugar to make energy for the swimmers.

Don’t run when you get to the pool! Its cytoplasm might make you slip.

The janitor’s closet packages things to leave the cell. He calls his closet Golgi Apparatus.

The main office has Mr. Nucleus who is the boss and also the brain of the office.

The office wall surrounds the office and controls who goes in and out just like the nuclear membrane does in a cell.


Take our Polls


We are wrapping up a multidisciplinary unit that aims to answer the question “How does a person and a nation choose a leader?”  Essentially, we’ve been studying American government and the electoral process alongside some work on character development and analysis.  My smart students have really gotten enthusiastic about politics and the presidential election.

Before we tie everything up for this unit, I wanted to impress upon two young citizens the importance of seeking wise counsel and valuing the opinions of others.  To that end, we hope that you will participate in (and share) the following polls they have developed.

Luana’s poll about your reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election:

Brayan’s poll about the Electoral College:

If I Were President

118982_8434968_1630212_3bb1172c_imageIf I were president of the United States, my main priorities would be to make the nation feel heard, happy, healthy.  Here are three ways I would try to do that.

I think everybody should have the right to vote so the unheard voices can be heard. I  think younger citizens should have the right to vote because they are also able to make responsible citizens. If I were president I would try to pass a law that would change the voting age to sixteen instead of 18.  Starting younger might help participation in voting to become a lifelong habit.

I support gay marriage because everyone deserves to live happily ever after, even if that means having a gay marriage. So, if I were president I would insist on making a law to allow gay marriage.  This way, our country will be happier because more people can have the life they want to have.

I support equal access to health care so the dreams of Americans living and growing up happily can come true. If I were President, I would try to make a law so everybody could have equal access to health care so everyone can have the opportunity to be healthy.

I think if are citizens were heard, happy and healthy I think it would have a good impact on our nation, making it a better place for everyone.

How Bob Met Toby

Bob walked to school one day feeling happy and cheerful as always, though it was a cloudy Monday morning. In Bob’s head, he was getting ready to face another day of being made fun of and still be positive.

When Bob got to school he bumped into Toby, Wilbur School’s biggest jerk. Toby had been thinking that this would be the worst day of his life, just like yesterday and every day before. He was thinking of all the people he could give wedgies to just to brighten his day.

When Bob collided with Toby, Toby grabbed Bob by the arm and led him to the janitor’s closet. There, Toby planned to lock Bob in. Toby was thinking of all the horrid things he could do to Bob right then. He shoved Bob into the Janitor’s closet and went in behind him to finish making his point.

Toby shook his fist at Bob and yelled, “It serves you right for running in to me.”

When Toby turned to leave, he saw the door had closed behind them.  “See ya later, Fatty Patty,” he mocked, as he reached for the doorknob, suddenly realizing he had locked them both in the smelly janitor’s closet.

Bob said with a smile, “If we work together, we could probably get out of here instead of getting into trouble and missing school.”

“Oh, yeah?” said Toby sarcastically, “Then we’ll go to your house to bake cookies,  share pink fluffy cotton candy and have a tea party with our stuffed animals.  Work together with you?  It’s never gonna happen.”

“That anger you’re feeling, I’ve felt it before.  Being mean just won’t help.  Trust me,” said Bob. “Now, do you have a paper clip so I can get us out of here?”

“Yes,” said Toby,  handing Bob a paper clip from his pocket.

While Bob was working on picking the lock, he told Toby of how he used to be a bully because of all the pain he felt for being made fun of for his appearance.  He described how he overcame it when he decided to be positive instead of negative. When he looked back at Toby, he saw tears streaming down the bully’s face.

“You have taught me an important lesson,” Toby said to Bob. From now on I will try to be the nicest person I can be.

When Bob finished picking the lock Bob and Toby walked out of the janitor’s closet and a new friendship started to grow.


Story Blurb: How Bob met Toby

Bob Peers is a fat, ugly 15 year old. All he wishes to do is help people in any way he can. Toby Fitorsomal is a tall, handsome teenager, but everyone knows him as vain and impolite. Bob and Toby get pranked at school by a bully and both end up trapped in the janitor’s closet. If they want to get out, they will have to work together.  Will Bob’s generosity win over Toby’s rudeness to save them both?


Political Infographic

We’ve been studying politics in our little homeschool and we’ve all learned a lot about how an individual and a nation elect a new leader.

So far, we’ve covered voting rights and responsibilities, character analysis and candidate evaluation, the electoral process, how ballots work, campaign issues and the political party system.  We’ve watched debates, read about current events and researched using books, articles, websites and videos.  Today’s assignment became what you see below:  creation of an infographic spelling out some of the main distinctions between our country’s two main political parties’ platforms.  I’m proud of my two smart students for pulling together research from various sources to create this graphic.  They worked together as a team to develop the content and contracted me to help with design and technical services (though the website venngage.com made it very simple).


Click the following link for a higher resolution image:

In case you can’t tell from the high quality work that’s been going up on our blog lately, homeschool totally works for us right now!  We’re loving how flexible it can be.  Case in point, this assignment was originally designed for the kids to interview each other about political parties and then write a newspaper article-style post explaining about the party system to the world.  During their research, however, the kids found that there were very few clear and concise sources of information spelling out how to differentiate between what Republicans believe and what Democrats believe.  As they searched and searched, it became clear that they had the ability to offer something to the internet that seemed to be lacking.  So, we scrapped the interview/newspaper article idea and joined forces to collaborate on one slammin’ infographic.  You’re welcome, internet.  You’re very welcome.

PS, we used isidewith.org this week and also found the following videos helpful

Campaign Issue Essay


I have been learning about major campaign issues. The issue that is most important to me is education. The two main topics about education are free public university and the Common Core.

I totally support free public university because people who are not wealthy can get a college education and people won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for education. Hillary Clinton takes the same position and thinks students “should never have to borrow to pay for tuition, books and fees to attend a four year public college.” Donald Trump does not take the same position because he thinks, “there’s no such thing as free education because you know that ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education.” I think if our country is more educated, it would be a good thing for everyone, so public colleges should be free for most students.

Another thing to consider is the Common Core. Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards that outline what a student anywhere in the nation should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. I consider it to be good. Hilary Clinton is in favor of Common Core because she thinks it will help unify education. I think that is a wonderful answer. Donald Trump is against it because he thinks education should be handled by each state, not by the federal government. I think Common Core is good because, like Hilary Clinton said, it will help unify our nation’s education system.

I think our education would be better if college were free and Common Core were used.

Character Trait Post



Hillary Clinton is very confident when it comes to winning the presidential election. She is very smart and knows how to get people on her side to vote for her. She is prepared and has a plan for helping veterans and many other things. She is determined to become president and to make an end of ISIS.  These are some of the reasons I hope she becomes our next president.slide2

I am reading One Came Home By Amy Timberlake. Georgie is the main character I’ve been looking into. This is how I describe her: Georgie is a loyal person that runs after her sister when her Grandfather would not. She is smart because she makes a plan before she runs away, and is caring by wanting to go after her lost sister.  She’s a good person and I hope she finds her sister by the end of the book.


Sixth grade goals

Last year my goals for the year were to get better at math, patience and focus. I Think I pretty much surpassed my expectations. I can tell my focus much improved  because I tend to get distracted much less often.

This year I have three goals I would like to share with you. One is to read more than five hundred books before the end of the school year.  I think I might start with The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket and The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes. My second goal is to learn ways to organize myself so when it comes to math and reading I have what I want ready so I don’t get frustrated and confused. My final goal is to remember to have every day prayer and Bible time so I have a better relationship with God.

I feel like this year I have a pretty good handle on my goals. I feel very confident I can fulfill them.